Learn about the best cat sitter in New York City

Learn about the best cat sitter in New York City

Our mission as Gotham City Cat Care is to take good care of our customer’s cats as if they were our own. Ours is the best and renowned cat sitter in NYC, where cats are made to feel at home. We also like to remember other cats that are out in the cold, without a safe warm home where humans live. We ensure that we assist animals that have been rescued by donating five percent to the rescue group based in New York City. If you are looking for the best cat sitter in NY, then you need to talk to us via email or by making a phone call. The work of the rescue team is to save animals that include cats and dogs that are found loitering in Manhattan, they take care of their well being, and assist them in finding lovely homes where they can live forever, or they are taken to any cat sitter in Manhattan.


The founder of Gotham City Cat Care has been a podiatrist carrying out private business in Manhattan for more than twelve years. Apart from taking care of human beings, she has been an animal lover, and most of her life she has been a pet parent. This is the reason why she thought of starting a cat sitting in NYC business.  Lately, Karin has been working with an animal rescue group as a volunteer by nurturing cats and kittens. The experience with the rescue team was very fulfilling and she decided to start her own cat sitting in Manhattan business. She is a Certified Professional Pet Sitter (CPPS), which she earned from the Pet Sitters International early this year. The cat sitting in NYC is another form of giving back to the animals which show us a lot of love, since five percent of our earnings will be given to Ready for Rescue group which is based in New York City.


We ensure that the cat sitter in Manhattan that we employ is bonded, and that a background check to find out whether someone is a criminal has been carried out. Ours is a professional cat sitting in Manhattan business where we make use of smart phones that have been fitted with the Red Cross Pet First Aid app. We are known to have many years of experience in cat sitting in NYC, and that we administer a number of medications, and are animal lovers, and especially cats and kittens. As we continue to grow, we hope to ensure that the cat sitter in NYC that we engage is trained in Pet First Aid, in order to ensure that all extraordinary medical requirements for the cats are met with steady, responsive care. If the cat sitter in Manhattan who is allocated to your pet has an emergency, we always make sure that a back-up cat sitter in NYC is available to ensure that your cat is not left without someone to take care of it.

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