How to Hit the Party in Style with the Awesome Light up T Shirt

How to Hit the Party in Style with the Awesome Light up T Shirt

Have you been invited to a hot party and you can’t find anything “cool” to wear? Well, it happens to everyone and it can be frustrating as the countdown to your friend’s party continues. Of course you can’t ask your colleagues what to wear because they are most likely going through similar agony of picking the perfect attire too.  

If it is a nighttime party and there is going to be music playing you now have an amazing solution to get your own sound activated light up t-shirt. Most likely you are wondering what this is all about but you will be surprised how cool light up clothes make you look.  The idea of fusing fashion and technology is just starting off and already the products in the market are mind boggling. The light up t shirt is one such item and it comes as a Godsend to regular party goers. 

Light T Shirts in Brief

Have you ever looked at your dashboard after turning on your car’s lights? There is an instant glow of beautiful colors and this technology is called electroluminescence. A similar technology is used to light up custom made graphics or texts on your clothing to make them glow indoors. An electroluminescent (EL) panel is attached to the garment to light up the desired logo or image and is powered by a battery pack that is easily hidden away from sight. 

The panel is thin and bendable and you will not even feel it but the design will be illuminated either automatically or through the effect of sound. The battery pack has AAA or AA batteries to power the EL panel. 

Stepping out in Style 

Away from the technology there is no denying that light up clothes come in handy when you want to step out in style. Here are some reasons you need to order one of the many custom light up shirts available:

1. Standing Out 

In most parties folks will come out in jeans and t-shirts and this can get monotonous. If you want to become the centre of the party you have to push the boundaries and one easy way of doing this is by donning one of these light up garments. The illumination will attract people like a moth to light and you will make many more friends at the end of the night wearing one of these.

2. Say it in Style 

If you have a creative caption in mind, you can customize your clothes by lighting up the message.  Say for instance you support a particular team, you can make a custom light up t-shirt with supportive messages encouraging that team that they will see from great distances away.

3. Promoting your Blog

If you have a startup business or a blog you can subtly promote it using light up clothes. People are always curious to learn about new products and they will instantly link to your blog to learn about you.  Of course you will have pricked a lot of interest through your unique dressing and other party goers will want to get an idea about you. Talk about cool marketing! 

Still wondering how to make heads turn during the party? It is time to start checking out custom light up shirts.

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