Improve Your ECommerce Experience With SMS


The e-commerce world is getting more competitive.  Whether you’re a seasoned or a neophyte retailer, you need to continuously evolve and look for ways to make your own mark.  One way to give yourself an edge over your competitors is to consistently provide an excellent customer experience.  


Since more consumers are shopping online using their mobile devices, online retailers need to take a more contemporary approach in engaging customers.  Today’s shoppers prefer better self service options that allow them to find what they’re looking for without necessarily talking to a customer service representative.  


For example, customers can request delivery updates by simply sending a text query.  In the same way, companies can send pick up notifications if the customer’s order is going to be shipped.  Customers can also update their account information through text.  


More than one third of customer visits to ecommerce sites are done through mobile devices.  Clearly, online businesses should adjust their strategies to cater to the mobile market.  In this digital age, customers are more informed and demanding than ever.  They know what they want and they have an extensive source of information within their grasp.  


Many consumers are willing to pay more as long as they receive a better customer experience.  But it’s very unlikely that a customer will do business again with a company that treated them poorly.  Make buying from you a satisfying experience that customers will keep coming back.  SMS services provide an easy way to communicate with customers in almost all mobile devices.  

SMS may seem outdated but it still provides many conveniences for e-commerce businesses.  It’s a cost-effective, two way communication that can give online sellers and marketers the edge they need in adding value and providing smooth transactions.  With SMS services, ecommerce sites can optimize the customer’s online shopping experience using a channel they use everyday.

Sophia Brook - About the Author:

Nathan Gabriel is a technology change consultant and sales manager with over 10 years experience in program management, client services, account management and multi-channel optimization. Considerable experience across multiple industries including the Telecommunications, and Media and Entertainment. He specializes in client experience, business process re-engineering, business requirements development, contact center optimization, customer relationship management and organizational analysis. He has led multiple teams in the successful development and implementation of new business models, new desktop applications, and new self-service channels. Helping others understand technology is something he admits to being quite passionate about.