First time in the History, beauty contest of Anus

First time in the History, beauty contest of Anus

World is changing fast, after seen number of beauty contests, which judge beautifies with their outer look, intelligence, presentation, views, now is the time to judge beautiful Anus and Vaginas.  

AutoBlow a sex toy manufacturer organised a beautiful vagina show last year, where in participants sent photos of their vagina, to be judged by viewers online. Idea was to know the choice of viewers specially men, to get product of their choice ready. 

Brian Sloan an entrepreneur who had this idea to get the best Vagina of the world , is now asking for the best hole of world and is ready to shell out $5000 for the winner of first price.

Brian told that he just want to know if there are Anus worth of some dollars that can bring the idea , how and what men actually wants to see. He is basically looking for new ideas inorder to sell his sex toys.

So if you feel , you posses a nice hole, just click you back in the best possible way and send it for competition, if you are not able to win first price , next two prices are of handsome price. Second price money is $2500 and third price is set at $1250.

According to Brian, only way to develop best product that actually sells is to know from the user , customers who actually going to buy it. These kind of contests are very useful to bring in the available options and let the customer choose best to be replicated for the super product.


Now if you have missed "Worlds first Vaginal beauty pageant", you still ahve chance to participate in "worlds first Anus beauty pageant".

Not bad for picture of a hole!

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