Design your Granny Flats the Right Way with these Tips

Design your Granny Flats the Right Way with these Tips

Granny flats are proving to be an affordable option for homeowners looking to blend the best of affordability and comfortable living. They not just minimise expenses, but are capable of being customised for different people such as children and senior citizens. Granny flats that are well designed add great value to your home and develop a warm and cosy environment for all. These tips from granny flat builders in Sydney shall be employed to make your granny flats a fun and valuable place to live in.

1. Connect Indoors and Outdoors:

If you renovate or extend your space in the right manner, you can redefine your granny flats into a luxurious living space. Sydney granny flat builders suggest bringing in natural light from the outside to make your granny flat safe for your children. Not to mention children get to enjoy having their breakfast or lunch outdoors. You could even add an extended porch to keep your chairs, tables and bench to sit back and relax.

2. Colours & Mirrors:

Sydney granny flat builders say that renovation not just involves adding new furniture, but splashing your creativity across your rooms as well. As mentioned before, pull in as much natural light into your rooms as possible. One of the best ways to fill your interiors with natural light is by using mirror on walls. Thicker the glass on the mirror, more reflective it will be. The mirrors you use can also make the hallway look longer.

3. Furniture:

When you have decided to use furniture for renovation, the opportunities are tremendous. Once you are done making the walls, flooring and other aspects better, Sydney granny flat builders suggest looking for furniture. Pick the right colour, style and design of couches & chairs that match with your tastes. Don’t forget about the porch that was mentioned in point 1!

4. Kitchen:

Kitchen is an unavoidable space in any home and it’s one of such attributes that increases the value of homes. Don’t forget to include this fun space for renovation. Add stools by the kitchen counter and choose from varied design styles such as modern, luxurious, temporary and more.

These 4 tips would suffice to make your granny flat trendy and attractive both on the inside and the outside. Look for expert granny flat builders in Sydney who can help out more on the subject.

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