Awesome Tips to Get High Traffic on Website by Using Social Media

Awesome Tips to Get High Traffic on Website by Using Social Media

Facebook: - Today’s top social media is Facebook. Billion peoples are browsing Facebook in each second. If you open a fan page and increasing fans is a great idea. To increase fans and followers you should produce awesome contents with relevant big images and publish it on your blog. Then connect URL of newly published content with your fan page. Use proper “HasTqag” for your content so that users can find it easily. Check out your competitor’s fans pages and post answers for their fans to convert fans. Joining and posting in relevant community or groups is another grate idea to get a high amount of traffic. Use Facebook Advertisement Service so that your post or content can reach to a high amount of Facebook users in a short time. By boosting your page, you also will get a lot of fans and followers. But I have seen that some peoples are still crazy to buy facebook likes to get fans and followers within a short time. Before you follow my steps, you must have a well  decorated fan page in Facebook.


Twitter: - Twitter is another top social media which is able to help you to get a high traffic. Twitter has 500 million users. So, it is easy to catch up a high amount by following others and convert them as your followers. But first you need to be proactive on Twitter. Beside of this you must make your content short as we all know Twitter does not allow more than 140 characters but you can add images with your tweet. Try to analyze your competitor profile and follow their followers. If you follow 100 users, some of the will follow you back. Then unfollow then who have not followed back you, I will suggest to wait 2/3 days before you unfollow. Tweets at least 20 times each day. Reply others, also re-tweet others. So, you don’t need to buy twitter followers


Instagram: - Recently another mobile based social media “Instagram” is growing up day by day. Smart device users are feeling interest about. Last year, it has 28Cr users. To use Instagram, you should have any smart device such as android, iPhone, tabs. After opening account in Instagram, you have to uploads photos related with your service or business. When you are uploading images, you have to use proper “HasTags”. Reply and comments on others. So, skip to buy Instagram followers


Pinterest: - it is another largest social media and very helpful for getting some lots of traffic. Just create a business profile for your blog or website and start creating boards, follow others, comments on other’s boards. You must post content url from your website or blog in boards. And also, remember to follow your competitors. Try to analyze their activities. You are also free to use Pinterest Advertisement option to reach to your targeted market in a short time.


YouTube: - Actually it is not in social media but everyone counts it in social media. It is a video marketing sites. If you are able to create awesome videos and can have a lot of videos with subscriber, then you will be able to gain a huge visitor from it. To get videos you need to do Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest marketing properly. You can post your video links in Q & A sites, video submission sites. Try to increase your subscriber organically and create funny videos. Post the link on your fans page, then share it with your friends, followers and fans. By this you will get more engagement and reach. Day by day your traffic will increase and you will be able to earn from your blog or website.


Who generates more than 1000 fans and followers in each social media, he will receive 1400+ visitor each day. So, try to build organic fans and followers for your social media profiles.

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