Ten Rich Countries in world You Didn't Know

Ten Rich Countries in world You Didn't Know

Many people may make mistake on assuming United States as the richest country in the world. The fact is that it is home to billionaires on the planet but still its average per capita income isn’t as high as some other small countries which dominate the list of the richest countries in the world. When determining nation’s wealth, its per capita income is taken into consideration to estimate the yearly earnings of the country. This figure also depends on country’s economy, how it earns money such as exports, banking, manufacturing, etc. Here’s list of 10 rich countries in the world:

1. San Marino

With per capita income of $49,139, San Marino is on tenth number in this list. Located on Italian Peninsula and protected by Apennine Mountains, San Marino is also known as Most Serene Republic of San Marino. It is 24 square-mile territory which boasts population at 33, 000 people. While GDP of San Marino is $1.5 billion, but its per capita income is incredibly high- $49,139 per person. Locals make majority of their earnings in banking industry, ceramics, electronics and agricultural products.

2. Iceland

Ranked as 13th most developed country in the world, Iceland is sparsely populated country with just 330,000 residents. Located between Arctic and North Atlantic Ocean, its gross domestic product is $17.2 billion with its per capita income of $51,068 per year. Since World War II, this country has transformed from poorest countries in Europe to the wealthiest nation.

3. Denmark

Spanned in 17,000 square miles and home to 5.7 million people, Denmark’s GDP is $257 billion. Danes bring average of $51,000 each year and it no surprise why Denmark has highest resident morale ratings. Also, Denmark’s residents pay highest income tax in the world.

4. Australia

With over 24 million residents and sixth largest country (in terms of land area), Australia is one of the wealthiest country with GDP ($1.2 trillion) ranking at 12th. Australia’s residents make an average of $51,642 per year.

5. Singapore

Named as ‘The Garden City’ and ‘Lion City’, Singapore has an area of 278 square miles with 5.5 million people residing on it. It is placed at 36th spot in terms of GDP with $308.1 billion leaving its per capita income with an average of $53,224.

6. United States of America

With over 322 million residents on 3.8 million square miles, United States ranks first in terms of GDP which is 17 trillion. The average American earns $55,904 each year and that’s why it is ranked as fifth richest country.

7. Norway

With highest quality of life ratings and with 5 million people, Norway has GDP of $420 billion and average per capita is $76,266. Despite the small area which is 148 square miles, Norway’s economy is large.

8. Qatar

Qatar is oil-rich country which stretches 4,467 square miles on the northeastern coast of Arabian Peninsula. With population of 2.4 million, its GDP is $214 billion and its per capita income is $74,829.

9. Switzerland

With area of 15,940 square miles and 8 million residents, Switzerland has $688.4 billion GDP. It has great strides in technology industry and has prosperous economy which is most competitive in the world. Its per capita income is $82,000.

10. Luxembourg

With the area of 998 square miles and population of 560,000 people, Luxembourg has GDP of $57.9 billion. The estimated per capita income is $103,187.

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