ODOLAND Large Size 32oz Water Bottle Infuser

ODOLAND Large Size 32oz Water Bottle Infuser

I purchased this item for daily use. It is very boring with only water on the road or at the sport. With this bottle I am able to aid varied taste into water.


The drinking bottle was delivered punctually and safely packed. It also comes with a neoprene bag. The first impression was very good. The bottle is made of translucent Tritan plastic, has a ribbed surface for better grip and a silicone surface, also for a better grip. The lid is secured with a metal bracket and it is closed by a pressure seal. This will effectively prevent accidental spillage in a pocket, which is very considering. In the lid, a rubber ring presses into the drinking opening of the closed state. So nothing can run into the lid. The fruit is immersed when the top is turn off. This is separate in the bottle. So nothing can get from the fruit into the bottle and settle down there. On the lid is still a plastic ring attached, with which the bottle can be attached to backpacks or similar. The enclosed neoprene bottle keeps the beverage cool or warm for long periods, depending on the weather. And it also helps hand protection.


It says I can download a recipes eBook on Odoland website and that add more fun to my workout time at gym. I usually add fresh mint, cherries, strawberries or apple. Then add water to the bottle and it fits almost a liter of pure. I also use lemon, apple, cucumber or sometimes honeydew melon. I do love the “Coco-Blueberry madness” recipe in the eBook, feels like I can do 50 more resistance band workouts!


Water with fruits not only satisfies my thirst but also help to fight fatigue. The coach in the gym told us to drink 17 to 20 ounces of water if we work out for 2 hours, and drink 7 to 10 ounces if we work out for about every 20 minutes. It is absolutely great and benefits to drink some water with vitamin instead of buying bottles or tins of coca-cola, right?

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Conclusion: The drinking bottle is absolutely tight, everything is super processed. The materials used are very high quality. Negative aspects I have not been able to find till now. Will buy one for my best friend as birthday present.