How to Make your Kitchen Remodeling Project a Grand Success

How to Make your Kitchen Remodeling Project a Grand Success

Kitchen is an indispensable part of every house. With advancements coming up in every facets of a house each day, people want their kitchens to be remodeled in the latest trend. Having the kitchen upgraded in the latest version will surely boost up the aesthetic value and also the resale value of the particular house.

There are few things that need to be considered when we begin the process of kitchen renovation. Planning should be carefully done in advance, as various factors may lead to the expenses balloon up in the process of renovation. A budget should be fixed after careful consideration of factors including the type of renovation planned for, cost of materials, labor charges and installation fee.

Cost of revamping kitchen varies based on a number of factors including location, size of the kitchen, quality of the way it is been build, whether we are opting for a budget version or standard version or the premier version. There are a lot of service providers, who are ready to help you with world class kitchen renovations in Campbelltown region.

As per a survey conducted in 2015/16, the average cost of getting a kitchen renovated was $21,862. The labor cost for renovation ranges between $50 and $77 per hour, based on the type of alteration that needs to be carried out and the region in which the home is located.

In general there are three types of kitchen remodeling that people can opt for.

1. Budget renovation:

If we are planning to bring in minor additions without disturbing the existing structures like addition of kitchen splash backs, or cupboards, etc., budget renovation will come in handy. This will cost around $10K to $22K. It will be even cheaper if we opt for DIY kitchens, were we can buy the necessary materials and fix it ourselves.

2. Standard renovation:

In standard renovation, the kitchen can be upgraded with some bringing up some changes to the shell structure, lighting, etc. But most of the other features will remain intact. The cost for standard renovation ranges between $20K and $45K. It should ensure that, the hardware’s that are been procured for renovation are of top quality to make the renovation worthy for the money being spent.

3. Premium:

This will be the option to go for, if we are planning revamp the entire kitchen. Almost everything in the kitchen will be altered right from the layout of the kitchen. This will be the costliest of all three and will cost around $40K - $70K.

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