How to Identify Your Ecommerce Product Page Keywords Using MozBar

How to Identify Your Ecommerce Product Page Keywords Using MozBar

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A common challenge when you do SEO for ecommerce sites is to decide how to choose keywords for product pages. When it comes to e-commerce in particular, there is always this question on one page per page of "What keyword is good for this page?" Especially for existing sites that need an SEO update, Find the Time to Make Specific Pages The keyword research can be cumbersome.But the product pages deserve every ounce of SEO they can get.Today I will show you a way to make your search for keyword- Ecommerce product page key much easier.

My secret weapon?


At the end of this post, you will discover how you can easily:

Look at the results for the keywords related to your topic and get a sense of the words that provide the most similar results

Get a sense for how search engines could see your term in relation to others

Find related topics that provide similar results, write down these words and then use them on your page

Save time identifying what is a good keyword and if the results match your expectations

Let me show you how.

What is a good SEO e-commerce keyword?

Since e-commerce pages often have direct competition from other websites, you need to go beyond when it comes to optimization. You want to make sure that you take into consideration not only the research intent of your desired customer but also verify that the keyword you choose is actually deliver similar results in the SERP. When people search for products, you want to measure how narrow you need to go before a search results page begins to display products similar to what you have.

For this example, I will use an ecommerce site that sells stickers for macbook and car. Think of all the variants of these two major search terms. There are 12 different subcategories of car decals alone.

One category is family decals, which allows a person to choose from individual icons to create a personalized family to display on the back of your minivan.

For this family decal segment, there are dozens of pages of individual individual products, so the goal is to make sure we optimize not just for a broad term like "car decal", but for a more nuanced term like " Family car sticker ". For the products themselves, dig into the modification of the terms relevant to the characteristics.


Use MozBar to Save Time Searching for Ecommerce SEO Keywords

A common way to understand what appears for a search term is to simply execute a search query. But when you have thousands of pages, it can take forever.

This is where the MozBar Page Optimization feature really helps you get the job done. It allows you to stay on the website to perform analyzes without switching from one tab to another to execute search queries.

Let's go through the steps.

1. First, of course, download the MozBar extension for Google Chrome (I will wait).

2. Then go to your product page and activate your MozBar extension by selecting the icon until it turns blue (there are three states, FYI-on, DA mode and disabled).

3. Select the Optimize page icon at the top left of your browser window. The icon looks like a small page with a circle in the corner:

4. A small text box window appears. You'll want to have a list of ready-to-go terms, so if you have not yet done your keyword research, head to Keyword Explorer and use the "Suggestions" tool to get Preliminary ideas. I usually use a general keyword, then select "Optimize":

In addition to all the great normal things that MozBar provides, such as Domain Authority and Page Authority, the Page Optimizer also gives you a quick overview of how this individual page is optimized for the term That you are looking for. This sounds like the information you get in Moz Pro campaign tools, but here you can see it for any page without having to open Moz in another tab.

5. Once you have entered your search term, select the "Content Suggestions on the page" tab:




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