Go Ladies and Pamper Yourself with the Extensions

Go Ladies and Pamper Yourself with the Extensions

Very important point to be considered before moving on is that there is a difference between eylash extensions and false eyelashes, whihc most of us consider one and same thing.

They are poles apart. Here, the main focus will be on the eyelash extensions. Basically, the eyelash extensions are individual lashes that are made of mink, silk, human hair or artificial hair and are attached to your present eyelashes semi-permanently for a semi-permanent time. By applying extensions you may improve not only  the volume but also  texture, and length of your natural eyelashes that you have. 

Eyelash extension is a comfortable process


Lash extensions are all over right now and that too for a good reason. Getting natural eyelash extensions is a luxurious procedure. You are made to lie down on a bed while the soothing music keeps on playing in the background. Moreover, some salons also provide a free massage.

We must know that time required for the process is not more than one or at the most two hours. The length of the eyelash can be chosen which ranges from nine to fifteen mm. The best part is that you can wear makeup with them but it is better to avoid oil-based makeup.


Maintenance of eyelash extensions


Eyelash extensions generally last for around two or three weeks, after which they start falling out. Caring for a full set of eyelashes needs a replenishment service for about every three to four weeks.

These extensions may fall out more rapidly if you keep on rubbing your eyes frequently, apply mascara and use an oil based cosmetics remover. Therefore, one should use eyelid cleaner and to keep them full, refill them every two months.


Removal of eyelash extensions


These extensions can be removed by going to the salon and getting rid of them is not at all painful and is as easy as having them. Every beauty salon has this provision available. If you are not willing to spend money on all this, you can wait for some time as these extensions do get detached by themselves naturally.


Micro blading is one the  latest techniques available for eyebrows


This is noo doubt a fact that eyebrows are the most significant of all the facial features which Women mostly like to get  bold and straight .

Brow micro blading is nothing but getting a semi-permanent eyebrow tattoo done and is useful for those who want to fully cover gaps, define, reform or fill in over plucked brows.

In the end I'd say ladies should not worry about money, as facial beauty is the most important thing for them.

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