OLD: Adventure Tours in Jerusalem NEW: Special Jerusalem Tours

OLD: Adventure Tours in Jerusalem NEW: Special Jerusalem Tours

Some tourists to Israel like to explore Jerusalem by themselves and so they choose not to take organized tours. However there are some places in Jerusalem which are worth seeing with a tour for a number of reasons – the transportation is organized for you; taking a tour is safer than traveling independently; you have the knowledgeable insights of the professional tour guide and some Jerusalem tours take you to places you might not have found by yourself. 


Take for example the City of David and Underground Jerusalem Tours. This tour takes you for an overview of the Old City of Jerusalem from the Mount of Olives then through the Kidron Valley and to Mount Zion to see the Tomb of David.

Above King David’s Tomb is the Room of the Last Supper. Regular tours of Jerusalem do not include David’s Tomb and the Room of the Last Supper. Then the tour goes on to see the 16th century Sephardi synagogues within the Old City walls; these are also usually not covered on regular Jerusalem tours.

Then you will visit the Jewish Quarter and see the Byzantine Cardo before exploring the excavated Second Temple-era Herodian mansions (also not usually included on regular Jerusalem tours) and then make a stop at the Western Wall.

Leaving the Old City the tour takes you to the excavated 3,000 year old City of David. . Now most interesting and highly exciting time in this tour comes when one enters ancient water tunnels , initially ment for water feeder system for the city itself.


For Christians one of the most fascinating special Jerusalem tours is the Footsteps of Jesus Tour where you are taken to the sites Jesus visited in the final week of his life. On this tour you will be able to virtually retrace His steps from when he arrived in Jerusalem on Palm Sunday before the crucifixion.

You will visit sites like the Mount of Olives; Church of Patre Nostre; Dominus Flevit Church; the Garden of Gethsemane and go into the Old City where Jesus was tried before Pilate and walked the Via Crucis towards his crucifixion. One should also visit wonderful place  the cavernous Church of the Holy Sepulchre ,where  the tomb where Jesus was laid to rest, and the place known as Golgotha.


The Bethlehem and Jerusalem Tours are also a good choice as you can see both these remarkable places on a one day tour and you have the transportation and border crossing handled for you.

In Bethlehem you would see the Church of Nativity; St Catherine’s Church and the Milk Grotto as well as some interesting places on route like Shepherds’ Field. If you want to combine your Jerusalem tours with other destinations then you can also see the Dead Sea on a Jerusalem and Dead Sea tour.


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