Retractable Awnings: Minimise Energy Cost and Add More Value to Your Property

Retractable Awnings: Minimise Energy Cost and Add More Value to Your Property


Today’s world is environmentally concerned and the people are looking for alternative ways to shift to become “greener” with energy efficiency topping their lists. Are you one among them who wants to go green by reducing the energy cost while adding more value to your home? Retractable awnings in Sydney are the ideal option for you!

Many recent reports indicate that the usage of retractable awning in residential premises minimises air-conditioning cost by 25%. Wondering how? Retractable awnings deflect hot sun rays away from your home and keep your living space cooler and cuts down your cooling costs. Also, you can save more on your energy bills by spending more time outdoors without lighting and air-conditioning.

Installing retractable awnings filters out the amount of incoming sunlight and prevents the fading of furniture, carpeting, and draperies. It also reduces the interior gain by 77% and decreases heat and water damage to surfaces like patio, balcony, pool, decks and more.

How Retractable Awnings Work?

Retractable awnings are the best known for their convenience and storability. These awnings can be taken out during the warmer months and put away during the cold months.

They are highly versatile and come in multiple sizes, styles and colours. They are fabricated using high quality materials and have high tensile strength and durability. Whether these awnings are manually operated or motorised, they operate individually and differently.

Manual retractable awnings can be operated with the help of handles or crank. The fabric of types of awnings are wound up around a roller tube and held in place using articulated arms, which are the extension of spring-loaded arms. These arms can be unfolded both manually and automatically.

An automatic awning has a motor attached to it which enables the homeowners to operate retractable awnings with the touch of a button. Most of these awnings come with a remote control options and a manual override, just in case you lose power.

Other Benefits

- Retractable roof system in Sydney is both flexible and versatile, and serves great for any purpose. When made from a high quality fabric, they block out UV rays entering into your home. When installed, it looks more like a natural extension and complements your personal taste and the style of your home.

- As we all know, awning have attachments only to the house, hence you won’t have to deal with standing poles that obstructs your view. Moreover, they play a primary role in cutting down your energy cost. It has the maximum life span and you do not have to replace it for several years.

- Retractable awnings are very easy to install and provide shade and protection from any weather conditions. They are also easy to remove when not in use. The prices of retractable awnings in Sydney are very low compared to other shading systems.


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