Things to keep in mind while remodeling your basement

Things to keep in mind while remodeling your basement

Basement remodeling in Denver can offer you more living space and adds value to your home. However, basements were not built to be used as a functional area. Hence, you would have to face some challenges to make this dreary space more welcoming. It is necessary to take care of some issues when you undergo basement renovation in Denver. These potential problems are addressed here,

- Humidity

Basements are located underground, thus it is natural that they suffer from poor ventilation and moisture seeping through the walls. If you do basement finishing in Denver without rectifying the moisture problems, it can result in poor health conditions and structural damage. To solve this, you need to waterproof your basement. To know more about your options, talk to your basement remodeling contractor.

- Mold

Mold can be formed anywhere in your home. But because of the prime conditions that exist in the basements, they are more susceptible to mold growth. Prolonged exposure to mold can lead to respiratory diseases. But this situation can also be remedied by waterproofing your basement correctly.

- Exit

Remember that the building codes are made for a reason. If you are remodeling your basement into a bedroom, you should include an exit other than the doorway. Do not try to ignore this because of the additional costs as they are built for your own protection.

- Cracks

Cracks can occur in basement walls due to many reasons. No matter what, you need to resolve it as soon as possible, before they get any worse. If your are undertaking basement remodeling in Denver before winter, it is necessary to take care of the cracks right then as water expands when they freeze, worsening the condition next spring.

- Lighting

Without proper lighting, our surrounding could develop negativity and depression. But it is hard to bring natural light into a basement as they were built below the ground. Thus install lighting systems like overhead lights, lamps etc. to lighten up the basement so that it doesn’t feel like a dungeon.

- Radon

Test your basement for Radon levels before the remodeling works. It is a harmful, colorless and odorless gas and if left undetected can cause lung cancer. If the resulting levels are high, get a professional to take care of it.

Deal with these issues before long, or you would have to face some nasty surprises later on!

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