Importance of unique visitors in online marketing ,powered by DoDigital.

Importance of unique visitors in online marketing ,powered by DoDigital.

Importance of unique visitors in online marketing, powered by DoDigital:

Definition of a unique visitor:
Knowing who you are - knowing your name - is called "personal identification information" or PII. In other words, we identify the person. This is not what web metrics mean by an "exclusive visitor."

The official measure of a single visitor is nothing more than a combination of IP address and user agent (browser + operating system). In other words, an exclusive visitor is " + IE 6.01 on WinXP", not Bob Jones on 223 Sunset Drive. In fact, there is no official measure for a metric that identifies Bob Jones. Unique visitors in online marketing is the most important fact while doing search engine optimization.The nature of Internet technology makes it impossible to identify people named on the web unless a person voluntarily tells you who they are. Identifying people is so rare that there is no technology to denounce it, and no metrics to describe it. There are some latest tips and tricks which can be used in SEO2018 to get unique visitors in online marketing.

We are not spying :
The identification of unique visitors is necessarily vague. Everyone in the same corporation, using the same software to get unique visitors in online marketing, will have the same IP address and User Agent, so they will look like the same unique visitor. On the other hand, most home ISPs will assign a different IP address every time you connect to the web, so you will look like a different unique visitor every day. For most web metrics goals, it's OK - the numbers provide enough precision for business purposes.

Importance of unique visitor:
The key point is that identifying unique visitors is not spying on people. We're not trying to track individuals as they browse the web - we're trying to determine if our site was read once by two people or twice by one person. You can have MASTERING ONLINE MARKETING and create business success through content marketing, lead generation, and marketing automation. When we "identify" unique visitors, we are not discovering their names, we are only counting how many people there were. It's exactly the same as an accountant in a tourniquet - we know how many individual people went through the ticket gate, but not who they were. And although we never say that, we do not really care who they were.

The nature of web business is different from traditional forms of business to get unique visitors in online marketing. Despite the conversation about personalization, the web is not a point-to-point service; in fact, it's the ultimate mass media. Most online sites are lucky to get a sale for 30 or 40 visits.
To make money online you need to measure your visitors in tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands or even millions. If you have 10,000 visitors in your retail store every month, you will probably make lots of money. If you have 10,000 visitors to your site, you will never make a living out of it.

The internet is about making a small margin on a very large volume. Expedia saw 16.2 million unique visitors in April 2005.If 16 million people are going to your site, it is not possible to tailor your speech to individual people. You are measuring the behavior of your audience in hundreds of thousands. Expedia marketers do not care what Bob Jones did on this site; they cannot. Bob Jones is just a drop in a river of a hundred thousand people like him. They are watching the way the river flows, not as a drop moves inside it.

Why count unique visitors?
So why do we need to know how many unique visitors we have? Why does it matter if a page was read once by two people or twice by one? That matters because it tells us how effective our online activities are. If someone reads the same page over and over again, that tells us something - probably the copy is confusing.

From a sales analysis perspective, the most important reason for identifying unique visitors is that this supports the measure of repeat visitors. A repeat visitor is a unique visitor who has been to the site more than once.

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